Founder’s History & Vision

Integrated Drive Systems, LLC was founded by David L. Huntington and Norman S. Myers. These two industry leaders and innovators have been on the leading edge of the controls and drives business for more than forty years.

They first partnered in 1974, building a customer-centric service business to maintain industrial drive systems. By 1986 the company had grown to 13 drive centers across the U.S. and was providing application sales, service, repair and engineered systems to companies worldwide. That same year, they introduced VFDs to many companies for the first time and provided the technical support services necessary to assure successful implementation.

Our Vision
Integrated Drive Systems seeks profit and growth by applying its extensive experience to drives and automation solutions in the oilfield, marine and mining industries.

We partner with clients who value a vendor with integrity and the ability to safely increase production, reduce operating cost and increase the profitability of operations.


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