AC Drawworks

Our gear-driven drawworks represent the leading edge of modern drilling technology. They are unmatched in performance, safety and reliability. The units are designed for both cost and operational efficiency with less weight, a smaller footprint, reduced noise and vibration.

High operational speeds are achieved with Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) AC motors. As part of a new rig package or as an upgrade to an older rig, IDS AC drawworks allow you to drill faster, safer and smarter with dramatically less time spent on maintenance.








  • Advanced compact design saves rig space
  • Rugged construction extends run life
  • Less noise and vibration
  • Sensors help reduce operational downtime
  • Faster and safer drilling operations with built-in “intelligent” systems
  • Lower maintenance costs by eliminating HPU and coolers Low operational costs
  • Manufactured to API Q1 & 7K.


  • Onboard data collection monitors: critical bearings, motor windings, lube oil parameters and system air pressures
  • Self-aligning, single-speed gearbox Self-contained gearbox lubrication Keyless drum shaft
  • No HPU or coolers
  • Automatic bearing lubricator Fail-safe, spring-set brake Brake wear sensor Self-aligning brake Redundant encoders.

Additional Features with IDS Control System

  • Matched performance
  • Remote diagnostics
  • Fiber-optic encoder cables
  • Vibration, trending and preventative maintenance.
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