IDS Brake Cooling Packages

An IDS closed loop cooling package is engineered to match your cooling requirements and provides:

  • corrosion protection (with adequate corrosion inhibitor)
  • freeze protection (with adequate amount of anti-freeze)
  • contaminant protection.

IDS cooling packages are skid-mounted with an epoxy-coated, 50bbl coolant reservoir, sight glass, vent, ladder, redundant centrifugal pumps with 460v, 3ø, 60hz, AC motors, valves and plumbing, NEMA-4 motor starters, and alarm package.


A typical alarm package includes:

  • Alarm lamp pressure loss
  • Alarm lamp over temperature
  • Alarm lamp reservoir low level
  • Alarm strobe
  • Alarm horn
  • Reset/alarm acknowledge push button
  • Lamp test push button
  • Remote XP Station (for driller’s area) with
    • Alarm lamp
    • Reset/alarm acknowledge push button.
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