ReelRig® Distributed Power & Control System

Our new patent-pending ReelRig® Distributed Power and Control System replaces a traditional centralized drilling rig power network with a clean, stream-lined power, control and cable-handling system designed specifically for moving rigs over drill pad sites safer and more efficiently.

The distributed system positions variable frequency drives (VFDs) and programmable logic controllers (PLCs) near the driven equipment. It eliminates multiple power and control cables and connectors by adding a transformer to the backyard power house “stepping-up” the power from 600v to 4160v, and sending that power through a single medium-voltage cable. The power system is backed up with a redundant wireless network, assuring uninterrupted operation and control without multiple connectors and “noise” problems associated with long runs of cable.

Instead of the traditional “festoon” cable-handling system, there is a skid-mounted power cable spool, or “reel,” that attaches to the walking rig substructure. The spool pays-out or reels-in the power cable as the rig moves further away from or closer to the power house during rig moves. There is a companion reel that handles the rig’s fiber communication system’s cable in a similar fashion.

From the spool, the power cable is connected to a transformer on the rig where the 4160v power is stepped back down to 600v and distributed to the local equipment room (LER) and driller’s cabin. The VFDs and motor control centers (MCCs) for the drawworks, top drives, and other rig floor equipment are housed in the LER closer to the driven equipment.

The entire ReelRig system consists of the power control house with mud system VFDs, transformers, cable and cable-handling system/skid, local equipment room VFDs, driller’s cabin with integrated driller’s controls, AC drawworks controls, and AC topdrive controls.

New rigs are being built with the ReelRig technology, while existing rigs are being retrofitted at a fraction of the cost of a new build.



A traditional rig power and cabling system: the power house electrical power plug panel (left), multiple power cables chase throughout the rig structure (middle), and a traditional “festoon” power cable handling system (right).



ReelRig power and cabling system: ReelRig power house, transformer and power cable connection (left); ReelRig single, power cable safety connection to transformer (middle); and ReelRig power cable and communication cable spooling skid connected to rig substructure (right).


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