ReelRig™ Power Distribution System

Hydraulic Fracturing, or Fracking, is a commonly used oil and gas well stimulation process. Fracking involves pumping fluids (usually water, sand and chemicals) under high pressure into the well bore to create small fractures in deep rock formations. When the hydraulic pressure is removed, the sand or other particulates hold the small fractures open to allow the flow of hydrocarbons into the well bore.

Historically fracking has been performed using numerous high pressure pumps powered by diesel engines. This requires moving a significant number of truck-mounted, engine-driven pumps into position at the well site. Also, fuel for the diesel engines must be transported to the site. Diesel engines produce relatively high noise levels and their exhaust emissions may be objectionable. In addition torque pulsations from engines can cause reduced pump equipment life and high maintenance cost.

IDS has developed IDS FracPower™ a new electric power system for driving frack pumps. Each pump is powered by a medium voltage electric motor, eliminating the need for diesel engines. The energy for driving the pumps is supplied through an IDS VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) System that provides controlled medium voltage electric power. The source of the electrical energy can be directly from the local utility distribution grid or from site-based turbine/generators using local natural gas.

IDS FracPower advantages

  • Reduced number of equipment loads to be transported
  • Lower noise due to elimination of diesel engines
  • Better control
  • Lower fuel cost by using utility power or natural gas vs. diesel fuel
  • Reduced emissions
  • Reduced mechanical maintenance
  • Reduced number of power cables by using medium voltage vs. low voltage
  • Designs for operation in hazardous locations available.
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