Intelli-DRILL™ Autodriller & Kinetic Energy Management

IDS’s Intelli-DRILL™ autodriller and kinetic energy management software provides ROP, WOB, SP, and rotary torque control with pit and pump monitoring, crown and floor savers, and more.

Take your rig operations to the next level with our intelli-DRILL state-of-the-art drilling automation systems. Our product is a full-featured autodriller with WOB, ROP, and standpipe pressure modes. We also include standard crown and floor saver protection with kinetic energy management of the block, all integrated into our custom driller’s cabin.

Intelli-DRILL is one of the most advanced and integrated automatic drilling and traveling block safety systems available. It utilizes PLC and touch screen control technology with software designed to optimize drilling control and drilling safety, complete with reliable sensors and control interfaces.

Our autodrill packages include all hardware, sensors and software integrated into one operator friendly system.

Contact us for a personal demonstration of our intelli-DRILL system, including our custom driller’s cabins, ergonomic cyber chair, joystick and touch-screen control system and other special features.


  • User friendly HMI functionality
  • Automatic intelli-DRILL  with ROP, WOB, SP and rotary torque
  • Mud pump controls and synchronization
  • Top drive and rotary table control
  • Diagnostics and monitoring of rig functions.


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